Looking to make your next pump station project a little easier? USEMCO packaged pump stations simplify the entire construction process.

When a USEMCO packaged pump station arrives on site, all mechanical and electrical components have already been factory installed and tested.

Because USEMCO packaged stations are “plug and play”, they minimize the work required on site. This can be a big advantage when the project requirements allow for a short time window on site. Reducing on site activities also reduces any temporary pumping requirements.

USEMCO packaged pump stations are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, which not only helps to ensure quality, but helps to prevent weather from delaying the project schedule.

And anyone familiar with pump station construction knows what it’s like when a problem arises and different equipment suppliers point the finger at one another. With a USEMCO packaged station, the performance of every single component is our responsibility. No blame game.

When aesthetics are a priority, USEMCO can offer a wide variety of architectural and exterior finish options. If you thought packaged pump stations can’t have curb appeal, you haven’t seen what USEMCO can do.


PumpMate Valve Vault & Control Chamber

  • For use with submersible wastewater pumps
  • Compact footprint (eliminates separate valve vault)
  • Check valves and isolation valves (up to 6” diameter)
  • Precast concrete base
  • Aluminum access hatch
  • Heated and insulated fiberglass enclosure
  • Pump control panel
Elite pump

Elite Low Profile Packaged Station

  • Partially buried structure extends 5’ below grade and 5’ above grade
  • Easy to hide with fencing or landscaping
  • For use with submersible wastewater pumps, vacuum-prime pumps, or self-priming pumps
  • Heated and insulated enclosure
  • Piping and valves up to 6” diameter
  • Pump control panel
  • Natural gas or diesel generator
  • Automatic transfer switch