Turbo Blowers

Is your electricity bill eating up your operating budget? Your blowers might be to blame. Aeration is an essential but costly part of the wastewater treatment process.

The good news is that turbo blowers can offer impressive cost savings compared with conventional blowers. Magnetic bearing technology means that turbo blowers can operate extremely efficiently. In fact, a plant can see payback in as few as 2 years.

Sulzer/ABS was the first company to offer turbo blowers back in 1996. That’s over 20 years of leading the market with their innovative magnetic bearing design.

In addition to energy savings, you’ll save on manpower. Since they rely on magnetic bearings rather than conventional bearings, these blowers require no lubrication. The only regular maintenance required is changing air filters.

Installations in New England include:

  • Meriden, CT: Two 400 HP units and one 100 HP unit installed in 2010
  • Cheshire, CT: Two 250 HP units and two 100 HP units installed in 2015
  • Plymouth, CT: Three 100 HP units installed in 2015

Want to learn more? Give us a call at 203-663-1314. Sulzer/ABS turbo blowers could save you a lot of money.