PumpMate Valve Vault & Control Chamber
  • For use with submersible wastewater pumps
  • Compact footprint (eliminates separate valve vault)
  • Check valves and isolation valves (up to 6” diameter)
  • Precast concrete base
  • Aluminum access hatch
  • Heated and insulated fiberglass enclosure
  • Pump control panel
Elite Low Profile Packaged Station
  • Partially buried structure extends 5’ below grade and 5’ above grade
  • Easy to hide with fencing or landscaping
  • For use with submersible wastewater pumps, vacuum-prime pumps, or self-priming pumps
  • Heated and insulated enclosure
  • Piping and valves up to 6” diameter
  • Pump control panel
  • Natural gas or diesel generator
  • Automatic transfer switch