ABS Sulzer

ABS Effex series submersible wastewater pumps provide the best combination of efficiency and reliability available on the market

  • Premium efficiency motors meet NEMA Premium and IE3 efficiency levels
  • Contrablock semi-open impellers provide exceptional rag handling performance

ABS HST high speed turbo blowers

  • First ABS HST turbo blower installed in 1996
  • Magnetic bearings eliminate contact between shaft and bearings
  • High wire-to-air efficiency
  • Completely air cooled (no supplemental water cooling required for any model)
  • Quiet operation (83 dBA or less)

ABS Mixers

  • Provide blending and solids suspension in anoxic tanks and sludge holding tanks
  • Prevent grease layer formation in wet wells and flow equalization tanks

ABS Recycle Pumps

  • Provide internal recycle flow for advanced wastewater treatment systems