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Membrane Bioreactors

Meeting stringent treatment requirements can feel like walking a tightrope, carefully tending and testing to find the perfect balance.

Membrane bioreactors (MBRs) make it easier to meet even the most stringent treatment requirements. They offer truly state-of-the-art treatment levels, reducing total nitrogen levels as low as 2-3 mg/L, for example. The effluent can be completely clear, free of pollutants, and ready for re-use. And given that MBRs involve higher concentrations of bacteria, they are more resistant to problems, such as chemical dumps that wipe out the bacteriological process.

Also, MBRs require only an extremely compact footprint. When building a new plant, it is possible to get significant capacity in a small space. And when retrofitting an old plant, they offer increased capacity in the same space.

They’re even affordable. When large corporations caught on to the benefits of MBRs, they invested in this technology and raised prices to exorbitant levels. But Carlsen Systems and A3-USA – a distributor specializing in membrane plants that offers the best combination of German design and American manufacturing—can deliver high-quality, cost-effective MBR systems at significantly lower prices than our competitors.

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Membrane Bioreactors

  • Ultrafiltration plate membrane modules
  • High qualify effluent ideal for re-use applications
  • Complete packaged systems available for quality assurance and ease of installation

Contec Rotary Drum Screens

  • Coarse and fine screens
  • Optional screenings press and bagging system